Designing a School Space Conducive to Learning

North American Builders Magazine

A school is part of its community and surroundings and is a caretaker of our children, our neighbors, our environment, and therefore, our collective future. We are excited to be able to bring all of these aspirations together when taking on a 92,000-square-foot renovation and addition to Eagle Academy Public Charter School Congress Heights Campus serving pre-kindergarten through third-grade students in Southeast Washington, D.C. 

Is legal marijuana smoke in D.C. affecting the children of users?

The Washington Post

Cassandra Pinkney, the founder of a charter school in Southeast Washington, makes video messages for parents about how to prepare their children for school: Establish a bed-time routine, read with them, eat healthy food, and, with the city’s relaxed position on marijuana use, do not smoke pot around them.

Trauma is a hidden cause of academic struggles for many in D.C., report finds


Joe Smith, the chief operating officer at Eagle Academy Public Charter Schools, said his two campuses have 13 mental-health professionals working full time with children and their families. “If a child does not feel safe at school, the child will not learn,” he said.

School Districts Partner to Bring Swim Lessons to Students

Education Week

Pinkney founded Eagle Academy Public Charter School, a pre-K through 3rd grade charter located in a majority African-American neighborhood in Washington. Across the school's two locations, Pinkney has made learning to swim a requirement for the school's more than 900 students, the majority of whom are African-American.

Preschoolers should not be suspended or expelled

The Washington Post

Over the past few decades, suspensions and expulsions have become the go-to punishment for disruptive behavior, regardless of age or infraction. As an educator with more than 30 years of experience, I think it is counterintuitive to deny students learning time when they need extra attention.